Office Depot Coupons

Office Depot Coupons: Shop today with your Office Depot Coupons and promo discount and you can take advantage of many offers. You can now enjoy discounted pricing on more than 25,000 products and 4,000 environmentally preferable products and services. Special pricing on copies, posters, presentations and much more with the exclusive Office Depot Impress digital print and document services. Get all the particulars on Office Depot Coupons from the below sections of this article.

Office Depot Coupon

Free next-day delivery on orders that reach $50 or more; flexible ordering options where members can order at or in-store at 900+ locations. Members will definitely find at least one of the above ways to purchase with Office Depot Coupons suitable to fit their needs right now. Also, you can bookmark our official page at OfficeDepot for further insights.

Office Depot Coupons

One way to find great deals at Office Depot Coupons is through their rewards program. It is a free program you can sign up for, where you earn credits toward future purchases.  Below on this page you can find the details about this program. So hurry up and grab the wonderful opportunity available with Office Depot Coupons.

Benefits of Office Depot Coupons

The Office Depot Coupons rewards program offers many benefits to its members.

Office Depot Coupon

  • Earn 2% in rewards on supplies, furniture, technology and more.
  • Receive $2 for each ink or toner cartridge recycled (up to 10 per month).
  • Complete product reviews for rewards (3 per month, posted within five days).
  • And rewards for product reviews (limit three approved reviews per month, rewards post within five days). Plus, all rewards are paid out – there is NO threshold to earn a reward certificate!

VIP Rewards Member – Office Depot Coupon

VIP members are those who spend $500 or more during a 365 day period.  These members enjoy the same perks as above, but they also enjoy the following:

Office Depot Coupon

  • Earn 5% in rewards on ink, toner, paper, print/copy/ship services.
  • Free delivery with no minimum purchase (excludes oversize and special order items).
  • Exclusive VIP perks.
  • Special birthday offer.
  • Free samples and Many More.

Limits when Redeeming & Earning Office Depot Coupon Rewards

You can not use reward certificates on gift or prepaid cards. You can redeem rewards in up to a limit of 3 per day, when accessing via their cash registers at checkout, for in-store redemption. Any balances not redeemed will be able to be used at a later time (and you will see this balance at the bottom of your receipt).

Members will earn 2% cash back on all items, except the for BizBox, Tech-Zone, or Centriq services.  While there is no limit on the rewards you can earn on most products, there are limits on stamps or gift cards:

  • Rewards earned on up to $200 spent on 3rd party gift cards, per quarter
  • Earned on up to $50 on Office Depot / Office Max gift cards, per quarter
  • Rewards are earned up to $75 on U.S. postage stamps, per quarter

Office Depot Coupon

Rewards are earned on the final price paid at checkout for an item or service, excluding tax and delivery fees, after all, discounts are applied and after deducting the value of any free gifts with purchase and the value of any reward and merchandise certificates/cards applied to that purchase.

Days on which Office Depot Coupon Rewards are Issued

Rewards on your everyday purchases will be issued within 30 days after the end of the calendar quarter.

  • Shop January 1 – March 31; Rewards issued by April 30
  • Shop April 1 – June 30; Rewards issued by July 31
  • Shop July 1 – September 30; Rewards issued by November 30
  • Shop October 1 – December 31; Rewards issued by January 31

If you purchase an item that is eligible for bonus rewards, those are issued the next day, after the promotion posts.

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